Sunday, January 18, 2015

Feeling Stuck...

Here's the deal, I'm feeling a little burned out with blogging. So, here's what is going on... 
Don't get me wrong blogging is wonderful, and you meet some really great people, but I just feel like my blog is stuck in some rut. 

I know blogging isn't about the readership or being popular, but it's hard to work so much on something and feel like it's failing. There are other bloggers, who don't seem to put the same care and effort into their blog, and they seem to take off and be really successful. I've read some successful blogs that have so many spelling and grammatical mistakes that makes me think either no one actually reads what they write, only paying attention to the pictures, or people just don't care. I feel like that type of blog undercuts those of us that put in so much work and effort. Does the blogger just not care? Do the readers not care either? 
It's like being in a difficult class and needing to work your butt off, but there's always those kids that don't have to study and do better than you. Maybe I just need to keep my head down and keep trucking along. 

Sure I make mistakes with grammar, writing, photos, but I at least like to show that I care about my blog. I care greatly, so greatly that I aim for quality over quantity. I wish I could post everyday, but I can't with school. Instead of posting everyday, I try to post fewer, higher quality posts. How do you feel about this?

Something has stuck with me from the Big Harvest Potluck. They asked who had been blogging for more than 2 years and those who had been blogging for less than 2 years. They said that if your blog was older than 2 years, which mine was at the time, that you should be relatively established. Well, I feel like such a novice blogger, and here I am almost 3 years in. I feel like my blog has grown, I don't know if I have a following or fans. I feel like commenting on this blog has dropped. Has this happened to other blogs? 

Meanwhile, there are blogs that are under a year old and are doing as well as those who have been blogging for 5 plus years. What does this mean for my blog? Am I justing going to get thrown under the bus?

I don't know, but I think I am feeling burned out because I am putting so much work into this site and I feel like it's failing and just not going anywhere. I just don't know if this post is even going to put into words what I'm feeling. I hope it does. 

I am sorry if this whiny or sounds self-centered. I don't mean it to be, I am just trying to be honest with you and with myself about this whole blogging thing. I am also stressed out with school starting up again, so maybe I am just overwhelmed and over thinking. 
I may regret posting this, I don't know. 

I am thinking about taking a break from blogging and social media. Maybe stepping away and coming back at a later date will give me a new perspective. Though, I fear that if I step away, I will never come back to it. But I don't want that to happen, because I love this blog. 
All I feel I can say at this point is, I don't know. 

I do have some questions for you, and if you would kindly comment on them that would be great. Any and all criticism is well! Seriously, throw it ALL at me!
Why do you read Doughvelopment? Is it for the recipes? My terrible writing? The dog pictures?
Is there anything you would change about the site/content? 
Do you find the content interesting? Is it relatable? 
Is there anything you think could be improved about Doughvelopment? 



  1. I'm afraid I'm going to throw out the age old saying, 'don't compare yourself to others' and be incredibly honest because you asked. I blog because I enjoy it, and if you're not enjoying it then you're right to evaluate why you're blogging.

    I started following Doughvelopment because I saw your recipe for Goat Cheese and Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream and I thought that is exciting. It's something different and new, and I loved that. Your more recent recipes haven't struck me in the same way.

    I also think that unfortunately the tide is turning on sugary foods, and most of what I'm pinning/liking right now is healthy versions of baking. This might be something you want to consider branching out to.

    Blogwise, it's always important to re-evaluate your look once in a while. I am currently redesigning my whole blog. But you might want to think about a mini change such as getting rid of the blue line in your side bar and removing the margins around your photos. These are all small changes you can code yourself.

    I hope this doesn't upset you. I do enjoy reading your blog, with the occasional dog photo.

    1. Doesn't upset me at all! Thank for your input!
      I enjoy blogging, food and photos are totally my thing! It's probably the whole comparison thing that is bugging me right now. I know you're not supposed to compare yourself to others, but I unfortunately fall into it at school and in blogging, I just find it so hard not to.
      It's funny how you mention my recent recipes haven't, should I say "popped" as much recently, because I feel like I haven't any AH-HA recipe moments like I used to…
      I am trying to eat healthier, and I want to incorporate that into my blog, but I unfortunately just LOVE sugar! Oops.
      There is a reason I don't include many savory recipes, and that reason is that I can't really cook. Well, I can't/don't cook any fancy or interesting dishes, if that makes sense? I tell people I can bake, but I can't cook. Maybe I'll share more about my savory kitchen mishaps in the future…though they are embarrassing!
      Didn't even notice the margin around photos, how terrible is that?! Oblivious, much? I've been meaning to update my blog look for ages, but I don't know code and I just haven't found a designer that I am really into that happens to be in my price range. Hopefully, soon I'll get moving on it!
      Again, thank you, thank you!