Thursday, October 2, 2014

Big Harvest Potluck

This past weekend I packed my bags, all four of them, to meet a bunch of strangers, I only knew through the internet. I headed to Bucks County, Pennsylvania for the Big Harvest Potluck. This was my first official "blog event", so I was pretty nervous going into the first night. Friday night, we spent lounging on the rolling yard of a gorgeous house. After traveling all day, and meeting everyone I went back to the hotel and promptly fell asleep, knowing I had a long day ahead of me on Saturday.

The second day we all woke up early and took an hour bus ride to Ford Hook Farm owned by Burpee. So, I pulled on my wellies and got ready to go! Over the course of the day, we enjoyed of food including an ice cream break, presentations, workshops, and inspiring talks. The day was jam-packed. If you would like to do so, I strongly encourage you to investigate coming to next year's event!

YES, that is a hot air balloon in the background! Before dinner on the patio, they offered tethered hot air balloon rides and cocktails on the sprawling lawn!

At first I wasn't going to ride in the balloon, but then I thought why not because how often does one get this opportunity. Not very often, so I decided to go for it! Hand-bottled cocktails provided those weary of riding the balloon with some liquid courage!

I am obsessed with the above and below pictures. While I ducked and covered from the flame, it was so loud, I aimed my camera at the top of the ballon and snapped these photos in hopes of snapping a good shot.

On Sunday, Pam Anderson, of Three Many Cooks, graciously opened her house to us for a farewell brunch. It was hard to say goodbye to all the amazing food bloggers I met, but alas here I am back in my dorm room reflecting on all the memories I made over the weekend while writing this post. 

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