Monday, September 22, 2014

Cardamom Plum Torte

My calendar says tomorrow is the beginning of fall, so I decided that it was okay for me to post another late summer recipe. Also, if plums are still making an appearance at my farmer's market, I think it's safe to post a recipe using them. Even though tomorrow is the official start of fall, I am still not ready to let go of summer. Driving around today, I couldn't believe how many trees were beginning to change colors and lose their leaves.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Late Summer Peach Almond Cake

School has started, but I am still hanging onto those last bits of summer. While others have already broken out the pumpkin, I have yet to! After all it isn't officially fall until September 21st! I won't break out the pumpkin until at the very least September 15th, but with my hectic schedule it probably won't be until the 21st. There is nothing wrong with breaking out the pumpkin early, but here it just seems to be finally getting hot. Here, it has been an unusually cool summer with very few days in the upper 80s, at least until now. With it being so hot, I haven't found myself reaching for the warmth and comfort of pumpkin.