Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Scoop #30

This past week and a half has been a whirlwind, first I had finals, then this weekend my sister got her masters! It's been a little busy round these parts! I haven't had a chance to blog lately, sorry! I've owed you a "scoop" for a couple weeks, finally I now have the chance to sit down and write it for y'all! Here are some links I am loving, lately!

Mango green tea popsicles. Summer is just around the corner, so is popsicle season! I am just itchin' to dig out my molds and put them to use!

Pretty easy strawberry rhubarb slab pie. The rhubarb plants in my yard have finally decided to appear and are growing like crazy! I've been meaning to pick some, but haven't had a chance to bake with it, so I let them be! This recipe may force me to go pick some!

Beehive cake. I totally want to make my next cake into mound, I mean beehive! Looks so fun, I just want to smoosh my face into it!

Pina coloda pre-tan scrub and age spot mask. Over the past few months, I have become increasingly interested in DIY beauty products. I have even tried a few, and cannot wait to take advantage of the fresh produce this summer to beautify my skin (at least try to)!

Black bean, avocado and goats cheese soft tacos. Black beans? I'll eat them. Avocados? I will so eat those! Goat cheese? Um, YES. Tacos? Really, do we have to even ask?

Neapolitan cake. My earliest memories of neapolitan are of the ice cream variety, but I think I need to add some memories of the cake variety! Specifically, this cake made with fresh strawberries!

Strawberry sundaes. I don't know how much longer I can wait to go strawberry picking this year, especially with recipes like this popping up all over!

Dark chocolate strawberry ice cream. Seriously, strawberry season needs to come like yesterday.

White pizza quinoa casserole. Casserole means easy peasy. And quinoa means healthy. At least that is what they mean to me…and what more could you want from a meal?

Coconut date shake. If you're not quite feeling up to ice cream for breakfast, here is a perfectly suitable and dare I say healthy substitute!

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  2. I love your blog!! I always get excited to meet (or in this case "meet" lol) another foodie.. I am a line chef at Carrabbas and I cant get enough of food! Culinary school was pretty fun too. I can't wait to keep checking in on what you post! :)

    1. Thanks so much stopping by! Yes, the foodie community is pretty awesome and crazy about food!! Looking forward to sharing more in the future!