Saturday, March 1, 2014

Scoop #25

Check out the links I am loving this week! Feel free to share any links you are loving!

A 4 ingredient dinner? And it's pasta. I want it.

Who wants to make me this peanut butter granola with cacoa nibs and bittersweet chocolate for breakfast tomorrow?

I am all about easy, simple meals, so of course I want to try these 1 hour pot pies!

Vegan ice cream means no egg yolks, yes!

Cookies and cream shortbread combines Oreos with cookies. COOKIES ON COOKIES, PEOPLE.

Toasted marshmallow buttercream, you and I are going to be really good friends.

If you read some of my late night tweets then you may know my love of cereal, therefore my including  honey graham cereal milk pudding shouldn't be any surprise!

Summer, hurry up I want to enjoy some pina colodas.

Speaking of pina colodas...what about pina coloda cheesecake? Yes, put-lease.

Banana cake with easy peanut butter frosting. That my friends is a snack for the ages!

While I won't be hosting an Oscars party tomorrow this glitzy award show party makes me wish I was!

Angel food layer cake with coconut whipped cream and grapefruit syrup, just a few of my favorite things!

I've never had monkey bread, but I so want to try this monkey bread with orange & smoke! What combination, so creative!


  1. That peanut butter granola looks amazing. Next on my to make list for breakfasts :)