Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Florida Travels

Recently, I was on spring break and traveled to Florida. In addition to visiting my grandmother, I spent a few days in Key West! Key West was an experience, there were electric cars all over, bustling cruise ships, parrots on bikes, and chickens running loose in the streets! I felt really cool walking by all the other college students with my parents in tow…. but I am almost positive I got to stay at a much nicer place because of my folks so it all worked out! On our last morning in Key West I decided to try paddle boarding, and I am so happy that I did because I got to see TWO MANATEES and they even swam right up to me! The encounter was indescribable! I felt I had to document it so I quickly paddled onto shore and grabbed my Dad's phone, which has a waterproof case, then paddled back out and snapped some pictures!
I also ate tons, I housed two stacks of three pancakes each over my break and it was awesome! I also had so much fish, I can't even count the types or ways of preparation! Oh, and of course I took hundreds of pictures, I took over 800 in a 24 hour period….! So, I decided to share some!

Just a man riding his bike with his parrot in Key West. 
Sunrise at The Reach
Dinner at their steakhouse, The Striphouse, was fabulous!
It is also where I had that amazing 24 layer chocolate cake

Right cue Mr. Bird 

THE Mile 0 marker.
In Key West, chickens run free. 
Sunset Pier

I also had my first Shake Shack experience and it totally lived up to the hype!
Can't wait to go back and have more frozen custard! 

Rescued birds at The Girls in Delray Beach. 

None of this is sponsored, just my discoveries along the way. 


  1. Love the pictures...they almost make it feel warm outside. Almost.

    1. This cold weather is crazy! When is it going to end?! I want spring!

  2. I want one of those birds!!! Beautiful photos.

    1. I could have smuggled one in my suitcase for you! Haha!!