Friday, February 7, 2014

The Scoop #24

Sunny citrus. 
This scoop is a double scoop because I haven't done one in a while! YAY! Some recipes are not quite so new because I wrote half of this last week, but never got around to posting! 

Biscotti have been on my baking list for a long time, but I am always put off by the double bake, BUT I need to get over my eternal laziness and just make these chocolate almond cherry biscotti.

You probably know I go cuckoo for donuts, thus raspberry cake donuts are sure to be included in this scoop!

Not looking forward to Valentine's day this year? Don't get me started... well, we can stuff our bitter faces with these candy hurts!

If you are looking forward to Valentine's day, then I might suggest this Valentine Italian almond cake!

I think this marshmallow hot fudge sauce really needs no explanation.

Not a hot fudge sauce person? Maybe this almond milk caramel sauce is more your style.

Cherry vanilla is one of my favorite ice cream flavors, so how could I not be drawn to this cherry vanilla hot chocolate?

These oatmeal peanut butter cookie bars sound like the perfect anytime snack!

Brownies are a favorite of mine and these look much more promising than the ones I attempted than the ones I attempted(YIKES)!

Looking to spice things up? Look no further that this raspberry lime chili sea salt!

Margaritas are usually tasty, but what about beautiful? I want to dive into these bright pictures!

I have been working on few muffin recipes, might need to add this lemon, blueberry and cinnamon crumble variation to the repertoire!

I think breakfast foods are my favorite "genre" (type? variety? variation?) of food, thus...chocolate. chunk. toasted. coconut. scones.

Only one total stick of butter between the cake AND frosting in these vanilla party cupcakes! I am so down with that!

These flourless chocolate almond cakes may say they're for two, but I could probably eat all of them myself!

I want to pop a dozen of these lemon basil popovers in my mouth!

Mini chocolate pastry donuts? Basically baked cronuts at home!

Looking for more? Check out my Pinterest...I pin way too much. 
What links are you loving lately? Please share! 


  1. I've made biscotti before! The double baking is more an inconvenience than anything. But sooo worth it! And that flavor sounds delicious!

  2. Guess I'll just have to make them one of these days!

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