Friday, August 9, 2013

Weekly Scoop 8/9/13

This week I have been going cuckoo for fresh produce! Cannot get enough! I went blueberry picking on Monday, and tried to go back on Wednesday, but they were closed "so that the berries could ripen up for the weekend".  Along with not being able to get my hands on enough of the fresh stuff, I cannot stop looking at recipes that use fresh produce, just take a look at my Pinterest boards if you don't believe me! The other day I was sorting through my clipped recipes, and I was like oh hey look it is like my "real life Pinterest board", don't judge, but my brain kind of revolves around Pinterest lately.  I have also been eating my fair share of fresh fruit too! I had 3 fruits with my lunch the other day! Seriously, that is a record for me! I am terrible at eating my "5 a day", fruit I can handle, but vegetables where do I start, HATE them! Enough of my produce and Pinterest ramblings, here is the scoop.

Do you have any fresh produce recipes? Like I really need more, but I just want more so please share!

It's summer and s'mores are EVERYWHERE. So, it is only fitting that I want to make these s'mores brownies ASAP or right this very minute.

Here I go with the brownies again. Brownies? Biscoff? And NO butter? I am down with that!

You know those chocolate chip cookies with potato chips? Well, I have never had one or made one, but this "goobed up" recipe might just change that!

Well, I have also never made a cheesecake cookie, and I am pretty sure this double chocolate cheese cake cookie recipe will change that as well!

I am sensing a chocolate them here...nothing wrong with that!

These may not be chocolate, but they are clever and have to do with Shark Week! Have you been watching? I am hooked and wondering what I am going to watch next week because lets face it, summer TV kind of stinks.

Have a great weekend!

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