Saturday, August 3, 2013

Weekly Scoop 8/3/13

As cliche as it is, I really cannot believe it is August already! Where did the summer go? I don't think I have checked anything off that summer bucket list I posted on Instagram ages ago. Hmmpf. As I sit here and wonder where summer has gone, I share with you some links of what I am loving right now!

The above is from the farmer's market last weekend, and I am hoping to hit it up again this weekend!

This will probably be the new format for the weekly scoop, to me it is a little less rigid and I like that!

I so want to start doing this with future trips and vacations! I think these would be easier than scrapbooking and much easier to display!

Lately, I have been eyeing a few cinnamon roll recipes, and these two recipes caught my eye because neither has yeast! This recipes bakes up in an hour! And this one takes 45 minutes! And both are from scratch! Score! (As for my "yeast phobia" I am working to conquer that and will be sharing soon, this project is part of the upcoming surprises on the blog that I mentioned awhile back!)

Seriously, Jessica? You are killing me with these desserts! Did someone say No Bake S'mores Cheesecake, and with marshmallow cheesecake might I add? Also just to add fuel to the fire (haha bad joke with the s'mores :: I kid you not this is my horrible sense of humor), her make-up posts are amazing! I read every single one and love all of the information she gives! I am kind of a closet make-up hoarder with three large drawers full of make-up and nail polish, and own way too much, so of course I am into her beauty infatuation!

Are these not gorgeous donuts?

I know this is mainly a food blog, but as noted above (see: closet make-up hoarder) I love anything and everything fashion and beauty! So, I do read some fashion blogs, but not very many. Do you have any fashion blog recommendations?

To that, one of the fashion blogs I love is Marionberry Style! Not only is her blog rocking, but she is such a sweetheart and hilarious! And as I was catching up on my blog reading this morning I read her post about 3 Time-Saving Morning Beauty Tips and I think all are so true and I must hop on the bandwagon because my morning routine is all sorts of whack! Also I want to try that spray moisturizer! I would see it in stores and think it was strange, but Marion makes it sounds so appealing that I am adding it to my errands list!

What links are you loving? What are you up to this weekend? Share, share, share! I love to hear from you!



  1. I read a lot of fashion blogs too. Mainly for the outfits because I can't wear makeup...always looks funny. I need to learn lol! Here are a few of my favorites recently: (she is pregnant now but usually she has lots of great styles!);;

    1. Thank you for the recs! I will check them out! I l LOVE make-up, but am far from good at it! I usually go more for the "natural" look, smokey eyes and lots of color don't really work with my paper colored complexion! I end up looking like someone you would pick up on the side of the road! Haha!