Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Scoop #19

No editing. Just the pure amazingness of nature. 
You have probably heard of the latest it food, the cronut. but have you tasted one? Nope, not I, but I sure want to try one and this croissant loaf!

I love this blog and I think I will love these muffins sometime very soon.

If I were going to a Labor Day picnic, and had to bring a dessert, I would bring these mini coconut cream tarts. Super simple and a sure crowd pleaser.

I have had one milkshake this summer. And it was GOOOOD, but I have not always like milkshake and I still may not be their biggest fan, but doesn't  this toasted marshmallow one look awesome?

Swedish chocolate dream cake. The recipe is by weight, and that means easy peasy because you just plop everything into the bowl.

I have confessed my love of waffles before, and to add to my list of must make waffles, here is another one with cinnamon chips.

I don't like rosemary, but maybe mint would be a good replacement for these. (I feel like sometimes all I tell you about is much I don't like certain foods, which probably makes you think less of me as a food blogger...sorry, but I am at least trying to be honest.)

PUFFY oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Not only is the post out of this world adorable, it makes me that much more hopeful for the "the one".

Angel food cake is on my ever-growing baking to do list, and boy does this one sound like heaven (get it, get it...heaven and angel food cake).

And finally, I am looking for a mini cinnamon roll recipes, made from scratch. Thanks.

Any awesome internet stuff that I missed? Step up and share! Thank you!


  1. I saw your request for Cinnamon Rolls from scratch...can you hold out 'til next Monday??

    1. I guess so...just kidding! I don't have time to make them before then anyways!

  2. Angel food cake is on my baking bucket list as well. Which one were you refering to? Link not included :(