Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekly Scoop 7/12/13

1. I hate to say this, but summer is about halfway over. Thus far it has been flying by and I have barely been to the beach. The above photo is from yesterday, but I did not get to sit on the sand and soak up the sun. I only stopped to kill some time.

2. Do this. Blend together 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream + 1 frozen banana + a few frozen strawberries, then top with animal crackers = DELICIOUS.

3. I really need to exercise. I am interested in trying out the barre exercise method. Unfortunately, I have not found a studio near me, but there are classes available online. Any recommendations for online classes?

4. I went to a local state park with a friend the other day. And this was written on a bridge in the park, and I absolutely love it.  I totally did not take twenty pictures of it. Not only do I love the meaning, but I also kind of freaked out over the sharpied footprints!

5. As a New Englander, I don't know whether I am offended or amused by this. Also I wonder if I actually sound like these people suppose New Englanders sound.

6. My latest oogles:

7. If you have a dog and they are underfoot when you are cooking, then you will understand this.

Source apparently went to spam so I did not link. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. ah! I wish we lived closer! I would happily make you some fruit salsa and challenge you to a cinnamon crisps eating contest!

    1. Me too! That would be awesome!!
      I would win...just sayin'. :)