Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Weekly Scoop 2/26/13

This picture does not do it justice,
but the sky was gorgeous the other night.
No filter.
I know, I know I am a little late yet again. Well you can think of this as a double scoop seeing as I missed the past two Friday's Scoops, so it could be seen as a two for one deal. And I made it doubly long just for you, there are not 5 points, but 10!!! I will quite my jibber jabber and get on with the scoop!

1. So, I finally received my new yoga mat and well...it kind of smells. It really smells, like REALLY REALLY smells like a combination of rotting fish and burning rubber. Just the smells I want while relaxing in a yoga class. I read somewhere that the smell will fade overtime, so I laid it out to help quicken the "evaporation" of the smell. Well I laid it out in a room I barely use. My dad went upstairs, near that room, and he smelled that smell!
Later he asked me, "Is that your yoga mat that smells?"
I responded with, "Yes, but it says it will fade overtime."
Then my dad responds, "Or will it just be covered by the smell of your sweat?"
....Not funny dad, I probably inherited my sweaty hands from you!

2. Recently, I have come across some very peculiar and interesting bumper stickers. Some of them I liked, others left me with one eyebrow raised and a "say what?" look on my face.

  •  "Each day is a gift that is why they call it the present."
  • "This is a blue car."
  • "Come any closer and I will be expecting a phone number and a dinner." (I was so close because we were stopped at a stop light, I was in the next lane over, not tailgating. :))
  • A picture shows a stick figure on all fours on top of a picnic table and he is losing his lunch. Under the picnic table, there are a number of beer bottles. Then it said,"I love camping". 
  • "I am not on your vacation." 

3. This week I tried to gather together all the various recipes I have printed, clipped and pinned. Since I got a working printer, I have been printing any recipe that is remotely appetizing. Well, I have a lot of recipes, and I still continue to print! I have also pinned over a thousand recipes, and because I am weird I feel this strange sense that I need to make ALL of them. You, too? Oh, it's just me I guess. There is no way I can cook at the rate I pin.

4. Two weekends ago I made some great prop finds! I was in a store to smell that perfume I mentioned a few weeks ago, well to my surprise I looked down and spotted a prop I have been searching for for awhile! Can't wait to show you! (Also the perfume smelled delicious and definitely  had a hint of cake!) I also came across other props I had been looking for in a home decor store! So pumped to share! Have you found any incredible props recently? Or do you know any great places to look?

5. Let's talk Downton Abbey , I think I have watched a total of 2 minutes. I have heard nothing but praise for it, I just haven't had time to sit down and watch it. Is it worth it? Should I watch it?
I originally hand wrote this post. 

6. Currently in my life:

  • was currently watching The Wedding Planner when I originally wrote this post. 
  • Currently on my nails is "Deep" 
  • Currently handwriting typing this post

7. Recently I saw the movie Butter, I read the briefing about the movie and thought it sounded like a fun, light movie. Well, it was funny...at times, and let's just say I don't feel the need to see that movie again. It has a lot of star power, but parts of it are just plain weird. Like really weird and left me scratching my head as to why they felt that they needed to put that in. Have any recommendations as to what I should watch next? I need a genuinely "good" movie after seeing this one.

8. I wrote this post before the Oscars happened, but I am now typing this after they happened. Originally I was going on about how I was excited for the fashion and the movies. I really want to see Silver Linings Playbook! Now let's talk fashion. Some of my favorite gowns were Jennifer Lawrence's, Jessica Chastain's, Naomi Watts', Sandra Bullock's, and Charlize Theron's. I am sorry Anne Hathaway, I love you, but I really don't think that pink dress was the best choice. And did you see Jennifer Lawrence's after party dress, HOLY MOLY! She looking amazing! (I may have a slight girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence, haha!)

9. Do you have any recipe requests? I want your input since you're my readers and I love to make something super special for you! So...tell me what you want, what you really really want!

10. Now for the usual roundup of my favorite recipes of late!

Whew! That was a lot! Hope I did not overwhelm you, here's to wishing you a Happy Tuesday!

At least it's not Monday, this will be me in about two hours, haha! 

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