Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday's Scoop 2/8/2013

Someone found Nemo, and now Nemo is finding the North East. As you may have heard Snowmaggedon is barreling its way across the states. A few minutes ago I heard over a hundred people in my town have already lost power...not looking good. So who even knows if I will be able to finish this post, hopefully my power will hold and I will be able to!

1. Soon (as in the next few minutes) I will be renaming all of my "social media" accounts to Bakelette! And if you are not following me already please do so! It's easy all the links are to the left! Also my Google Friend Connect followers are on the rather slim side, I would love for you add to them! Thanks!

2. Snow. If you are impacted by the storm, please stay safe. Please check on your neighbors to make sure they have enough water, food and warmth.

3. In the past few weeks I have been on the hunt for a new wallet, I want a moderately small one. I have one of those huge rectangle ones and it never fits in any of my pockets, which is usually okay, but sometimes I just want to run somewhere quickly with just my wallet. I have not found one that is screaming at me to buy it, but a few have caught my eye. Only problem is I don't believe a wallet should cost more than you can actually put in it, but I may need to budge to get one I genuinely like and will use. Have you seen any nice, small, and affordable wallets? Or do you know of anywhere to look?

4. About two weeks ago I started taking a Pilates class, which has been awesome because it forces me to do some exercise. And by some exercise, I mean a real workout, you do not sweat per say, but you definitely feel your muscles work. I am pretty sure my butt was swollen the other day because it hurt like heck and it was difficult to zip up my jeans. Now I know why Pippa Middleton has such an infamous derriere. Anyways I started to tell you about my Pilates because I am really excited and placed my first LuluLemon order online! I cannot wait for the package to arrive, hopefully the storm won't throw its delivery off too much! I also cannot wait to try out some yoga classes in the future!

5. My favorite bookmarks of the week:

Take Mozi's lead and rest up during the storm! 

Have a safe, warm and happy weekend!

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