Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday's Scoop 2/1/13

Walking in this fog was really, really creepy!
Buildings disappeared and people came out of nowhere. 
Again this week had some crazy weather! There was dense fog, freezing temperatures, snow flurries and howling winds! Also yesterday it was fifty degrees in the morning and I was able to go outside without a jacket, but by the afternoon I had my down coat back on! How has the weather been in your area?

1. Have you seen the new wedge sneakers? At first I thought they were a little odd, but now I am really starting to dig them! There is no way I could afford the "posh" celebrity version, so I went looking for an alternative. Now I would like your help in deciding if this is a weird fluke in my fashion, or they are worth it!

Do you like these shoes or am I losing my fashion mind?

2. You may have notice some changes going on on the blog! I have been trying my hand at DIY blog design, and I successfully edited my HTML code with out messing my blog up! YAY!!! Along with a new design, I am again working towards establishing a new name for my blog. Until I decide on a new name, I will be playing around with a lot of layouts and headers. Do you like the new direction of the blog or do you have other ideas?

Current Header

3. So while drooling over at How Sweet It Is I stumbled upon this perfume by Tokyo-milk. Guess what it is called? Dun, dun, dun...Let them Eat Cake! Now I have not actually smelled it yet, but I plan to very soon! There is a store in the next town over that sells Tokyo-milk products! So excited! What are some of your favorite perfumes?

4. Did you know they changed the name of Samoas? Apparently they are now "Caramel deLites" because they got a new baker. I am sorry, but huh? You can't just do that to my samoas!

5. Recipes I have bookmarked this week! What did you bookmark this week?

Oh, yes this happened! PUPPIES! I love puppies! 

Have a great weekend!

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