Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday's Scoop 1/11/13

A trail marker I passed. :) 
It is Friday? Say what? I don't know about you, but I have all my days of the week mixed up. I think I had to tell myself it was Friday at least three times today. Oi vey! Please tell me some of you are just as confused as I am!

1. First off I will share a few pictures from my recent vacation! It was so relaxing and much needed! Have you vacationed anywhere recently? Do you have any recommendations for vacation spots?

Glass Molds from Simon Pearce
I saw one of the glass blowers make a drinking glass, it was incredible! 

Also I learned that the movies lied, snowshoes do not make you float on the surface of snow.  

I had some of the best pizza I have ever had in my life!
I love me some super thin crust and lots of cheese! 
Maybe I will do a complete vacation post, would you like that? Or should I stick to recipes?

2. So... I went to Target today and I saw this:

Vanilla cupcake flavored Goldfish? Say what? Eww! Then tonight I was in CVS and saw this:

I did not even bother to take a whiff! I think these companies should just stick to what they do best cheddar goldfish and coffee cake, respectively.

3. I just want to apologize because I feel like my recent posts have not been very interesting lately. I feel like my writing just has not been flowing, but I don't know why. Anyone know a good remedy for writers block? I could really use one, mmkay, thanks!

4. Have you heard of Ruzzle? I heard about it from Brown Eyed Baker and decided to check it out. She had said that she was a fan of word games, and I share in her sentiments, my favorite games are from the puzzle section. Anyways, Ruzzle, its super speedy and really addicting! There is just one problem, you have to wait for someone to accept/challenge a game, which can feel like forever if you are on a streak! Try it out! My username is mollycakesbr , come challenge me!

5. My Favorite Bookmarks of the Week

Have a great weekend! Bake some goodies, I hope to!

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