Wednesday, December 26, 2012

MollyCakes Christmas

"Oh, Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree"
Merry Christmas! So, did Santa bring everything on your list? He was pretty respectful of my list, and by that I mean he was very kind to me! Was the food fabulous or was something left a little too long in the oven? Our dinner was simple compared to years past, but very delicious all the same! Were your gifts a hit or are you a terrible gifter? Up until this year, I was probably tied with my mom for worst gifter in my family. My mom means well when buying gifts, but she is buys into all sorts of knick-knacks and quirky things. This year I think my gifts went over really well with everybody! I hope you had a happy, safe and delightful holiday! Here are some shots (with my new camera!) from my family's Christmas celebration!

Cozy new beds for the dogs!
(How about that bokeh background? Huh?! Pretty neat, huh!)
Guess what?! I made that tree skirt, thanks to Pinterest!
 It is not finished yet, but I plan to finish it before next Christmas
 (The first ring of ruffles took me over an hour, so it is going to be a while!
Should have started it before December 23rd)!  
Sausage, egg and cheese breakfast casserole. Yes, those are my footy PJs!  
Super duper old fashioned crumb cake with raspberry preserves!
(Why of course I will be sharing this recipe soon!)
Some weird, but awesomely tasty dish from my grandmother! It is called pineapple casserole! Sounds really gross, I am pretty sure I refused to try it up until last year! Now I am hooked and probably at 3/4 of this pan! 
Nom nom nom!
All is bright! 

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