Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday's Scoop 12/28/12

As fast as the holidays came upon us, they are just as quickly gone! There is hope though, we still have New Years to celebrate! So, pick out your final sparkly outfit of the season and finish your holiday baking! Before you know it, it will be 2013 and then onto Valentine's Day! I went to craft store the other day and I was shocked that they already had Valentine's Day stuff, but then I turned the corner and was horrified to see St. Patrick's Day stuff already! That wasn't the end, I found myself walking down another aisle and BOOM there was Easter stuff! If they are that far ahead into the holidays why not just leave out the Christmas stuff for next year! Stores are pushing the holidays way too much, before Thanksgiving and even around Halloween I was already seeing Christmas things! One holiday at a time people! Enough of my rant on big box stores pushing holidays, time for a more celebratory topic, it's finally Friday and that means time for Friday's Scoop!

1. I had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope you did as well! Mine was filled with way too much eating and just enough present opening! I must have been really good this year because Santa was very generous! What did Santa bring for you?

2. I love the snow! I am a December baby so I think my profound love of snow must run in my blood! They say I was born during a blizzard! I was so excited the other night when snow began to fall, but it was only a dusting and it is already gone! I would be happy with just one really big snowstorm! I just want some snow this season, seeing as we had NONE last winter! Have you gotten any snow? As I do the snow dance and beg for snow I thought I would share this hilarious snow cartoon that I found on Pinterest with you!

3. Recently I have been thinking about switching things up here on the blog! Nothing major....unless you consider changing one's name! Okay, so it might be kind of major, but MollyCakes just is not doing it for me any more. I want something more simple and sophisticated. I have some ideas in mind, not sure if I have found the one yet, but I will keep you informed! Do you have any ideas for a new name?

4. Here's my usual weekly round-up of some of my favorite pins!

  • Lemon Curd by Tracey's Culinary Adventures I might have a slight fascination with lemon curd and lemons in general. This recipe sounds super easy and there is no separating of eggs, woohoo! I feel as though I waste so many egg whites already. 
  • Meyer Lemon Sorbet by This Homemade Life Continuing my love of lemons, here is a refreshing lemon sorbet recipe that doesn't use an ice cream maker, meaning I can make it! I promise the next pin will not involve lemons! 
  • Skinny Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Scones by Skinny Taste  Scones are one of my favorite pastries, but they are often very unhealthy. As these have skinny in the name I may just have to make them as a "health food" and eat them everyday. Sound good to you? 
  • Amish Cinnamon Bread by Redfly Creations I think I have pinned this recipe multiple times, and it might just be time to whip out this recipe for a weekend breakfast! 
  • Brown Sugar Blondies by Baked Perfection Now these say they are for Valentine's Day, but that is probably because of the color of the M&Ms, so I will just switch out the M&Ms and then they can be for anytime of the year! (This selection brought to you by Molly the hypocrite...I know I bashed rushing the holidays before, but these look really good and they are only Valentine-ish because of the M&Ms, so there!) 
5. It is finally Friday! I am very happy that it is the weekend, but unfortunately I have to work both days this weekend! I may be a little removed from the blog this weekend, but I am working on a delicious post for you that should be posting any day! Have a great weekend!

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