Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday's Scoop 12/21/12

1. It is Friday, December 21, and today the world is supposed to end, so far we are okay, right? I mean at least for now...we will find out in about two hours and 39 minutes! Did you do anything to prepare for the end of the world? I did zip, zero, nada!

2. Yesterday was my birthday and my parents surprised me by giving me a new camera as my birthday present! That is right it was a BIRTHDAY present, not a birthday/Christmas present, purely birthday! Win! I will be sharing pictures soon! Maybe near the bottom of this post?! Oh, there is one at the top!

3. Christmas is right around the corner! I think I am done with shopping, but I am sure that once I begin to wrap I will saying "Oh, fudge" like Ralphie in A Christmas Story (BEST. CHRISTMAS. MOVIE. EVER. except for maybe Elf!). I feel like I must have forgotten someone's present. Hmm...who could I have forgotten?

4. Today at the grocery store I picked up a copy of America's Test Kitchen Christmas Cookies, I can't wait to get in the kitchen tomorrow! So many recipes I want to try! Should I begin with Fudge Drops, or Hazelnut Lemon Curd cookies, or maybe Toasted Coconut Butter cookies! Any recommendations or which one would you like to see on the blog?

5. Here are some of my favorite pins from the week, I have been pinning like crazy, as I fall asleep, as I wake up, when I am waiting somewhere and even as I wind down for a nap! It's getting a little intrusive! This week I will share some recipe pins and some DIYs to mix it up, most having to do with the holidays!

  • Bakery Style Frosted Brownies These may not scream Christmas, but I am sure if you dress them up with some Christmas sprinkles they will begin to! 
  • DIY Stocking Tutorial I love the fabric that they used! First I will need to learn to sew, so I guess I will stick with my generic store bought one. Do you make your own stockings or do you have a generic one like me? 
  • Holiday Cake Crumb Cookies I find these intriguing, how does one combine cake, crumb and cookie? I will have to find out by making them! 
  • Gingerbread Waffles Sounds like the perfect way to start your day on Christmas! I will be opening my presents way before breakfast, I can't help myself. On Christmas I act like a total kiddo with the Christmas pajamas, waking up bright and early, even rushing downstairs and demanding that I open the first gift! Okay, so maybe I don't quite demand it with my angry voice, but I do like to start opening my presents ASAP. 
  • Sugar Doodle Vanilla Cookies Part sugar cookie? Part snickerdoodle? Add vanilla! Yes please! 
  • DIY Tabletop Christmas Tree If Christmas were'nt only four days away, I would put on my MollyCakesMakes game face on and get to DIYing, but that probably won't happen because I have so much baking and wrapping to catch up on! AHHH, if you here screaming from under a large mountain of wrapping paper it's probably me with a severe paper cut from curling ribbons! 
6. Here is my favorite Instagram photo that I took this week!
Anyone else feel the same way? Well I am off to make cupcakes...

7. And finally, here are some of my pictures with my new camera!

Mozi got a boo boo on her nosie. :( 
Well, I hope to post before the Holiday, but as I mentioned before I have loads of Christmas stuff to get working on! Merry Christmas if I don't post before then, but I will try my very best to!


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