Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dear Santa

On my side of the blog the Christmas spirit has really begun to pick up! I finally got over not listening to Christmas music and am currently rocking out to Celine Dion as I write this! While I spread Christmas magic around my house, I have not really sprinkled any on the blog (see what I did there)! So, I thought I would share my Christmas list and a few shots of my Christmas decorations with you! Hopefully I can do a more comprehensive holiday decorating post, if I get some of the things on my list because they will definitely help improve from these pictures!
Mantel decorations by yours truly!
Tree is not finished, we still need to add tons of TINSEL!
Tinsel makes me a tad excited!

  • Canon 60D This camera is amazing and I was sold when I found out that its the camera that Marion uses on her blog, Marionberry Style. Have you seen the detail she is able to capture in her pictures? 
  • Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 lens Michelle at BrownEyedBaker says this is a great lens for food shots! 
  •  Kelly Moore Camera bag, these are functional and fashionable! A great accessory for my camera! 
  • 18K Gold Whisk Necklace, it will keep my love of baking always near and dear to my heart! 
  • Pure Vanilla Cookbook, if you have read my blog for sometime, you probably realize I tend to always double the vanilla in a recipe. Vanilla is one of my favorite baking ingredients, so why wouldn't I love an entire cookbook dedicated to just vanilla?
  • Food scale, do you have an recommendations?
  • World Peace 

Peppermint Bark is currently a work in progress, I made the first batch way too thick!
Once I get it right I will post! 

What's on your Christmas list? Anything I should add to mine? 

Enjoy! Merry Christmas! Oh and Happy Birthday to Me! 
My sister gave me this t-shirt for Christmas last year! I really really LOVE Christmas! 

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