Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rock Me Like A Hurricane!

As you may know, Frankenstorm is barreling towards the East Coast! As I am on the East Coast, I made my supplies trip to BJs to get water, peanut butter, jelly and batteries, about 450 dollars later I finally exited the building! Ahead of the storm I am just warning you that I may not be able to bake or post for the next week (cry), we almost always lose power during storms. One time it was just us and our neighbors across the street who lost power in our town, INSANITY! During Irene we lost power for seven

Anyways enough of my pity party, here are some pictures from earlier today ahead of the storm. I went for a walk at a nearby state park and part of the road was already washed out and Sandy has not even arrived!
As we batten down the hatches, I will share some beautiful, but alarming "calm-before-the-storm" pictures! Hope to be back on soon!

Another shot of the washed out road. 

Storm's abrewin'! 
The dark clouds were beginning to roll in.
White caps were beginning to appear, and the surf was getting pretty rough! Not a boating day! 

Although there were white caps in the open water, the marshy areas remained relatively calm. 

Enjoy and be safe if you are in the path of the storm!

Oh and Happy Fall! Finally got a pumpkin! 

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