Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Spooky Cakes

Happy Halloween! I love Halloween, the costumes, the candy and the spooks! I definitely scare easily and cry like a little girl! In the spirit of Halloween I wanted to concoct an elaborate treat to post about, but that did not happen. Instead ahead of the hurricane I quickly whipped together some trusty good ol' funfetti!
I thought the icing dribbles looked like spider webs, no? 

I added some purple, orange, black and white non-pareil sprinkles to the batter, which ended up turning the batter an eery brainy purple color! Then I whipped up an orange buttercream frosting, melted it in the microwave, then drizzled over the cakes and topped them with even more sprinkles!

The perfect treat for when the power goes out! 

If you are in the way of Hurricane Sandy, is there anything you baked beforehand to enjoy when the power goes out?

Enjoy and be safe!
Here is a shot from instagram! The colors are a little different than my camera.
 Do you like it better than the regular camera ones? or no? 

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