Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Autumn Lunch

The other weekend I caught up with a friend who was back in town! We grabbed lunch at this great local market that had all kinds of culinary selections, and other miscellaneous trinkets. I chowed down on a delicious "thanksgiving" panini, it consisted of multigrain bread, roast turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce with honey mustard. Can't wait to try to make one at home after Thanksgiving! The market also had adorable felt Halloween masks and Einstein Energy Bars, also Alice in Wonderland Energy Bars! The place had a local vibe that you just cannot get from any commercial lunch spots! I loved every minute of it, not too mention that I was also with one of my best friends who I had not seen in almost three months!
The packaging included some fantastic puns! 
I have a pathetic sense of humor and for some reason found this really funny. 

After lunch we walked around town for a bit, checking out shops and even a cupcake bakery! We visited the town's food co-op, a vintage store and an antique shop among others. We chatted and enjoyed basking in the autumn sun, I had hoped to take some pictures of the foliage, but I did not see any breathtaking trees. I will try for some foliage pictures soon!
We peeked in a ceramics shop, which had this biscotti jar that I would love!
Loved this! So creative!
Getting in on the Halloween spirit! 

I had a tough time deciding which cupcake I wanted, among the selections were red velvet,
 coconut, hummingbird, chocolate peanut butter, and chocolate chip cookie dough! 
My friend decided on a salted caramel cupcake!
The mountain of frosting on top was really tempting....
But I decided to try the chocolate chip cookie dough
 cupcake after seeing the idea on pinterest numerous times!
While I did enjoy my cupcake, I was disappointed when I bit in and there was no dense cookie dough center. The frosting had an amazing texture, but was a little bland, maybe a chocolate swiss meringue would have paired better? The cupcake had a nice vanilla flavor and I was glad they used mini chocolate chips, but I did not get the essence of cookie dough as I had expected. I will probably go back anyways because who doesn't love cupcakes? And she had only opened about a month before, so maybe she is still finding her groove? Well, I will just have to return and check up on her progress!
Anyways I loved our romp, and cannot wait to see my friend again soon so we can do it all over!

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