Friday, September 14, 2012

TGIF and Pins

Hello! Thank God it's Friday! While the weather has been beautiful, I am exhausted and need my beauty sleep! Haha! Well today I wanted to say hello and share some delicious looking pins I have come across!

Blueberry Pancake Cupcakes these look like so much fun! They have a maple buttercream frosting! A new spin on breakfast that allows me to have cupcakes at all times of the day! Cannot wait to whip these up!

Chocolate Muffins made with Chobani I have some plain Chobani sitting in my fridge that needs to be used up soon, and this sounds like the perfectly chocolaty way to use it up!

Apple Pie Cookies I just bought a "peck" of apples to make these! These are too cute, they look like mini apple pies, but they are cookies!

Coconut Quick Bread I may or may not have a ridiculous obsession with coconut! I love its fresh, tropical flavor and I love quick breads! This would make the perfect addition to breakfast or a yummy mid-morning snack! I must try this soon!

Homemade Oreos Who doesn't love oreos? I find oreos so hard to resist because of their crispy chocolate cookie layers that sandwich a creamy layer of sugary filling! Real oreos are full of processed junk and fat, but with these you know what is going into them, which makes them much more enjoyable!

Hope you are inspired by my recent pins! I sure have been and will be attempting these and other pins in the next few days! Also, don't forget to "like" the MollyCakes facebook page!

Do you have any drool worthy pins? I would love hear about them and possibly attempt them! So please share in the comments!


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