Friday, September 28, 2012


Last weekend I took a brief trip to Boston! Boston is such a great city with so many delectable hot spots to please your palate! I had the opportunity to visit the Flour Bakery not once, but twice! The first visit was for an afternoon pick me up! I ordered a "Chunky Lola" Cookie, my sister ordered a cookie with dried cherries and white chocolate, and my mother order a meringue cloud with chocolate! We all thoroughly enjoyed our cookies, I did not think I would like the meringue as much as I did! Normally I don't go for meringues, but this one was so airy and cloud-like that it truly melted in my mouth. Here are some pictures from our afternoon visit!

Including some great advice from Joanne!

Here are our good eats!

And their fabulous logo!

The next morning my mom and I went back to Flour for breakfast! I ordered the "sweet panini" with seasonal fruit and mascarpone cheese! The bread was grilled perfectly crispy and the filling so sweet and delicious! My mom loved her steel cut oats special with seasonal fruit! 

Together we shared a ginger-peach muffin, which was a little bland. Probably a little lackluster given it is the end of peach season and I recently bought a dud batch of peaches at the Farmer's Market. So I forgive Flour! 

I love their display and cannot wait to open my own bakery some day if the finances allow it! 

Now for some dinner eats! We walked around looking for a restaurant in Boston's South End for almost an hour. My shoes were not fully broken in yet so I was not a happy camper and was ready to sit down and eat. All of the restaurants we initially tried had waits of at least 45 minutes, finally my sister suggested we try a Thai place that she had enjoyed before. She called and they had no wait so we gave it a go! I ordered the mango fried rice, it was very good, but I think it may not have been fresh mango, given that it was a little mushy. Otherwise we enjoyed it, as you can tell from the pictures below. 
Here was an interesting menu feature...

 Our empty plates...

Now for the quote of the night....after a few glasses of wine, my mother asks the waiter, "do you have any fortune cookies?" He gave an uncomfortable laugh and said he did not. We all gave my mother a look of what was she thinking, we were in a Thai restaurant, not a chinese restaurant. I would highly recommend this although I was not thrilled with the quality of my mango. The chicken satay was very very good! The restaurant was called Equator, try it if you are in the area! 

While in Boston, I also had the chance to visit a great market aptly named Foodies! They had an amazing selection and variety of goods that included a wide selection of Bob's Red Mill products! I grabbed some xanthan gum for some special recipes I will be sharing soon! Here are some pictures from my Foodie adventure! The store's atmosphere was fabulous! They had charming wood floors and chalkboard signs, I may have looked out of place taking pictures, but how could I not with such a great atmosphere! 
Those floors...I love 'em! 

Such a great sign!

And these sweetie pies waiting for their owner outside! 
"Did you remember our treats?" 

Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoyed this different kind of post!
Have you been on any great food adventures recently? I want to hear about them, so please share! 

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