Friday, July 27, 2012

Cornmeal Lime Zinger Cookies

When looking through my Flour cookbook for like the millionth time, no kidding I sometimes even read it while taking a bubble bath, these cookies finally caught my attention. At first I skipped over them because the combination of cornmeal and lime did not sound appealing to me. For some reason I found myself reading Johanne's into and background of the cookie, and I suddenly found myself wanting to make these cookies as soon as possible! She described this "addicting" lime glaze, and I was hooked. So finally the other day I went on a baking binge and got around to making these cookies!
These cookies are addicting as Ms. Chang said, there is the cake-like cookie topped with a zingy lime glaze! I will be adding these to my regular roundup of recipes! The recipe can be found below in the links, I am afraid of copyright if I were to post it.
That glaze....nom, nom, nom (I may or may not have eaten the glaze straight from the bowl :) )

Recipe from The Flour Bakery Cookbook  and also found here Flour Cornmeal Lime Cookies

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